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MBBS/MD at Andijan State Medical Institute

About Andijan State Medical Institute

Andijan State Medical Institute was established in 1955. Since it was the only higher educational institution of Fergana Valley in the medical field, a lot of work was done to establish the activities of the institute. Outstanding achievements in the development of Andijan State Medical Institute of such selfless compatriots as Yusuf Otabekovich Otabekov, Rakhim Muhammedovich Nurmukhammedov, Satkul Usmanovich Dzhumabaev and professional doctors should be noted.

Today’s successes achieved by the institute over many years of development brought it to the world level. Today, the institute prepares students at the Therapeutic, Pediatric, and Dental faculties, Advanced Training and Retraining of Physicians in directions professional education, high qualified nurses, preventive medicine , pharmacy, as well as in 29 specialties of Master’s degrees program . In particular, courses for advanced training of doctors in all areas of the valley were organized at the faculty of advanced training and retraining of physicians. 

There are 56 departments in the Institute and includes 533  professors, 36 doctors (14 of them are professors) and 130 candidates (104 of them are docents). The scientific potential of the institute is 31.7%.

There are 4 faculties: Therapeutic, Pediatrics, Dentistry and Advanced Training and Retraining of Physicians, 7 bachelor educational directions: Therapeutic,  Pediatrics, Dentistry, Professional Education, High Qualified Nurses, Preventive Medicine and Pharmacy. Educational process helds in 29 specialties of Master`s degree program. According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 2909 dated April 20, 2017, two new specialties were opened in the magistracy from 2019-2020 academic year:

Recognition of Andijan State Medical Institute:

Bukhara State Medical Institute is recognized by:

  • WHO – World Health Organization.
  • Medical Council of India.
  • Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.
  • Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.

Ranking of Andijan State Medical Institute:

Country Rank: 57
World Rank: 11469

Faculties of Andijan State Medical Institute:

1 Faculty of medicine
2 Faculty of dentistry
3 Faculty of pediatrics
4 Advanced Training and Retraining of Physicians
 5  Preventive Medicine
 6  Faculty of Pharmacy
 7   Master`s Degree Program for 29 Specialties

Why to Choose Andijan State Medical Institute?

 Lot of benefits are there for a student for pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan from Andijan State University. Few of them are: 

  1. Fees are low
  2. Ragging free campus
  3. Scholarship programs available
  4. Transport in facility available
  5. Hospital facility available
  6. Well-equipped research labs
  7. Well-equipped classrooms
  8. Globally accepted degree
  9. Internship programs organized
  10. Sports activities organized
  11. Security is as advance
  12. Uzbekistan is comparatively safe

Fee Structure of Andijan State Medical Institute?

For admission fee package you are requested to contact us over phone or email.

Hostel Facility of Andijan State Medical Institute?

Hostel facility is also well equipped there and some amenities are as under:

  1. Separate hostel for girls and boys
  2. Well ventilated rooms
  3. The reading room is available
  4. The guest room is available
  5. 24×7 doctors and wardens are available
  6. 24×7 security is strict
  7. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled
  8. Transportation facility is available at the campus
  9. Neat and clean surroundings of the hostel

Mess facility for Indian Students at Andijan State Medical Institute?

  1. Indian Chefs are available to provide students the same Indian taste.
  2. Dining are is well equipped with all amenities.
  3. Water filters are available.
  4. 3 time meals are available.
  5. Daily menu is followed with different cuisine.
  6. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food available.