Study MBBS at Barind Medical College, Bangladesh.

About Barind Medical College

Barind Medical College is a well-known college located in Bangladesh. It is basically a medical hospital cum college which means it is a medical hospital and also offers medical education to the aspirants.

The college is known for its world-class medical education offering to the aspirants in Bangladesh and the overseas students are also invited. The college offers several kinds of the graduate’s medical courses to the aspirants among which the course such as MBBS is highly ranked in the college. 

If you are aiming yourself to study the MBBS from this college then you are at the correct article. Here we are going to provide you some brief information about the college and its MBBS program so that the article can help you in taking your admission decision. 

MBBS Admission in Barind Medical College 

Barind Medical College comes in the first priority for the local and the overseas medical aspirants who want to study the courses such as MBBS from here. This is the reason why this college is highly prominent in terms of offering medical education to the aspirants. 

It has the vision of producing highly skillful and competent medical graduates who can cope up with the modern health issues to the people. The college offers the holistic blend of the MBBS education to the aspirants so that the aspirants can be developed in all the spheres of the medical profession. 

The college offers the typical 6 years MBBS program to the aspirants where the first 5 years are devoted to the medical academic session and the last year is about the internship session. It is a medical college as well which provides a decent exposure of the internship session by offering them the modern medical infrastructure.

MBBS Fee Structure of Barind Medical College 

The fee structure of MBBS program from the Barind Medical College is a very sought aspect about which the majority of the aspirants want to know. It is even important to make yourself aware of the fee structure of the college so that you can accordingly take your decision and manage your funds.

Here below you can check out the MBBS fee structure of the college.

  • Seat Booking Fee-$3000
  • Admission Fee&Hostel Fee-$7000
  • First Installment- $3000
  • Second Installment-$3000
  • Third Installment-$3000
  • Fourth Installment-$3000
  • Fifth Installment-$3000
  • Sixth Installment-$3000
  • Seventh Installment-$3000
  • Ninth Installment-$3000
  • Total Approximate Fee- $37000

This is how the fee structure of the college can be divided in accordance with the convenience of the candidates. The above-mentioned fee structure also includes the hostel fee hence you won’t have to find it separately.

Facilities Provided by the Barind Medical College 

In the Barind Medical College, the students are provided with all the basic facilities to make sure that they don’t face any kind of lack of basic facilities.

Here below some of those basic facilities that you will get in this college. 

  • Separate hostels for the males and female candidates.
  • Mess facilities within the college for healthy food supplies.
  • Library facilities along with internet surfing.
  • 24/7 medical facilities 
  • Large academic building along with the museums and the halls 

Barind Medical College Ranking 

Well, honestly there is no such ranking scenario for the Barind Medical College, thus if you are trying to figure out the status of the college by its ranking then it won’t be a good idea. If you still want to figure out the worth or the position of the college then the college is counted among the top medical colleges of the country. 

The college is recognized very widely by all the major medical bodies in the world such as MCI, GMC, WHO, UNESCO, etc. Thus you will get the full value of your MBBS degree by studying it from this college. You can either work as a doctor or start your own practice after the completion of the education.

Here below is the contact information of the Barind Medical College, where you can reach the admission officials of the college to raise any additional inquiry.