Study MBBS at Mainamoti Medical College, Bangladesh.

About Mainamoti Medical College Bangladesh.

Mainamoti Medical College is a Private Medical College . Establishment of such an institute will assist mobilization of solving national problem through develovment for solving national problem through basic & applied research and by encouraging self – reliance in population .
This program will give a good profile of talents of both male & female student in technical field by proving their better performance in medical edication in aa separate environment for the graduates who can give more time in this field.


The Aim of this Medical College & Hospital is to teach selected cadidates for five academic years according to the syllabus laid down by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council ( BM&DC ) for MBBS degree to be a conferred by Chattagram Mdical University, Bangladesh and then impart training of closely supervised internship for one year to create high quality career as doctor for nation.


1. To promote and provide studies in medical science leading to recognized graduate and post graduate degree.
2. To conduct research work on the diseade prevalent in the country.
3. To conduct research on medical education with the aim of raising the student of medical education in the country.

Facilities Availalble In Mainamoti Medical College:

College has a library with an excellent collection of latest books monographs , journals magazines and Newspaper. The libary of college has internet initiative.
Separate coommon rooms for Male & Female student with television, indoor games and entertainment.
Facilities are available for outdoor games and tournaments . Sports and others extra curricular activities are actively encouraged.
A good canteen for student as well as for teachers is available in the campus.
Separate hostel facility for both boys and girls.
he teachers of the college are dedicated lot, laboriously fulfilling their duties,always put in that extra effort and time when students ask for out of schedule help.
Majority of the directors of the college are themselves specialis doctors and teachers in other medical colleges . They all give their time and
energy o coach the students regularly . A good number of professors from other reputed Government Medical Colleges are also involved in teaching to make Mainamoti Medical College a model one.

Course Plan and University Examinations at Mainamoti Medical College:

NOTABLE FEATURERS MBBS course will be of 05 (five) years duration plus 01 ( one ) year Internship training .
There will be 4 professional examinations during the MMBS course . There will be 02 ( two ) professional
examination in one year in 1st week of May and in 1st week of November.
1st Professional MBBSAt the end of 1 +1/2 YearsAnatomy , Physiology , Biochemistry.
2nd Professional MBBSAt the end of 2 +1/2 YearsForensic , Medicine , Community , Medicine.
3rd Professional MBBSAt the end of 3 +1/2 YearsMicrobiology , Pathology , Pharmacology.
Final Professional MBBSAt the end of 5th Years of the courseMedicine and Allied Subjects Surgery and Allied Subjects Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Fee For Foreign Students At Mainamoti Medical College:

For Foreign Student. 
01. 5 Years Course Fee
02. Development Fee
03. Admission Fee
04. Session Fee ( $ 1000 * 5 Years )
05. Tuition fee per month $ 160 * 60 months
Lab fee
 =$ 13,000.00 
 =$ 4,000.00 
 =$ 5,000.00 
  =$ 5,000.00
 =$ 9,600.00
 =$ 1,400.00 
Total ( USD )=$ 38,000.00
Discount for indian and Nepalese= $ 4,000.00
Total ( Without Lodging & Registration Fees )= $ 34,000.00
Add. University Registration , BM&DC and others fees
Add. Hostel Admission and lodging fees ( 5 years
=$ 1,500.00
= $ 2,500.00
Grand Total ( USD )= $ 38,000.00